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SOMOVHPA 1st Quarter Meeting


The November meeting was held in the Keeter Center at the College of the Ozarks (CofO) near Branson, MO. We had a good turnout of 40 attendees, including Dr. Jerry Davis the Chancellor and his wife Shirley and the new President of CofO Dr. Brad Johnson and his wife Laura.










After the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer, offered by Ron Clifton our Chaplain, the meeting began with a Folded Wing Ceremony conducted by Don Merritt and his wife Karen. This ceremony honors the memory of 19 of our members who have passed since the founding of the chapter. As each name was read, a bell was struck. Upon completion, TAPS was played and a final prayer was offered by the Chaplain.  These fellow aviators fought with us, fought for us and are remembered by us.


Our speaker for the meeting was CW5 (ret) Greg McManus. Greg started his flying career in Vietnam in 1969 where he flew Cobra gunships and Hueys. He joined the Missouri National Guard in 1974 where he served as an Instructor Pilot, Standardization Pilot, Instrument Examiner and Aviation Safety Officer. He then served in Iraq from 2005 to 2007 where he developed tactical SOPs that are still in use by Army commands in SW Asia. Over his career, Greg accumulated over 16,200 flying hours in both airplanes and helicopters. In addition, he is the only Warrant Officer to attend and graduate from the Army’s Command and General Staff College.


Greg’s Powerpoint program documented his personal experiences in both Vietnam and Iraq and reminded us of the purpose and challenges of military service, as well as the ultimate costs we bear. It brought back memories of our own personal experiences in Vietnam and of those with whom we served. It was an excellent presentation.   


Next, newly inaugurated CofO President Dr. Brad Johnson welcomed us to the campus and thanked us for our service to the Country. The CofO is a strong supporter of Patriotism having it as one of the 5 Fundamental Mission Pillars. To support this Pillar, the College has established the Knight Center for Patriotic Education. In addition, the military museum in the Keeter Center honors many CofO graduates who served with distinction and paid the ultimate price for Freedom in every major conflict for over 100 years.








A business meeting was then conducted beginning with the award of a

quilt to Dr. Jerry Davis, Chancellor of the CofO. The quilt was made by Liz Sorensen, Pat Clifton and Kathleen Sherfey and presented in appreciation of our long, personal relationship with Dr. Davis and his strong patriotic support for veterans and the U.S. military.  





The drawing for our annual fundraiser was won by Don Merritt. He received a beautiful quilt made by our chapter quilters. Money raised by the raffle goes to our CofO scholarship endowment fund.

The Chapter meets quarterly at locations of aviation and/or military interest and is open to all members and spouses, as well as anyone interested in Joining us. We have members all around the State of Missouri and try to hold our meetings in different areas of the State to facilitate attendance. Anyone wanting to know more about us or anyone who has an idea for a meeting location may contact me at 520-820-7339 or


Chuck Guy, Chapter President


The Patriotic Education Dept. has developed a kit to send to high schools who wish to add patriotic education to their curriculum and expand awareness of the value of military service. John Sorensen was presented with a kit containing a copy of Dr. Davis’s book Vietnam 101, a workbook for classroom application and a DVD of an interview John gave to the school on his Vietnam experiences. The presentation was made by Dr. Brad Johnson, Dr. Jerry Davis and Dr. Andrew Bolger.

John Sorensen gave a detailed Treasurer’s report which found the Chapter in a positive financial position. He then related that our Chapter endowment with the CofO has now grown to $20,355. The interest generated from the endowment allows the Chapter to award annual scholarships to deserving CofO students.

June 2022 - 2nd Quarterly Meeting of the VHPASMO

College of the Ozarks President Jerry C. Davis spurs resolution to acknowledge Vietnam Veterans

Congressmen Dan Crenshaw, Jason Smith champion worthy legislation

September 29, 2021

POINT LOOKOUT, MO. — College of the Ozarks President Jerry C. Davis called for a resolution to acknowledge the courage and sacrifice of Vietnam Veterans in his recently published book Vietnam 101. Congressman Dan Crenshaw, of the Texas Second Congressional District, put forth this legislation inspired by Vietnam 101 in Congress September 28, and if accepted, the joint resolution will result in a formal apology to Vietnam Veterans for the treatment they received upon returning home. The Bill was co-sponsored by Missouri Congressman Jason Smith of Missouri’s Fourth Congressional District.


“Vietnam is America’s unfinished business,” Davis said. “We owe Vietnam Veterans a formal apology. This resolution aims to offer Veterans and families the closure and honor they deserve. This is not about political parties — Democrats or Republicans — it’s about right or wrong.”


“Those of us (99 percent of the population) who have our freedom preserved by the one percent in uniform need to acknowledge how Vietnam Veterans and their families were treated before it’s too late. This still matters and must be addressed,” Davis said.


The Resolution was assigned a number — HJR 59. To follow its progress, visit


To read the resolution, visit

In Section 1 of the Resolution, Crenshaw and Smith put forward a Resolution of Apology to Veterans of the Vietnam War:

The United States, acting through Congress—

(1) recognizes the extraordinary sacrifice of veterans of the Vietnam war and commends them for their unwavering and courageous sacrifice to our Nation;

(2) urges the President of the United States to formally acknowledge the widespread mistreatment of veterans of the Vietnam war;

(3) on behalf of the American people, issues the long-overdue formal apology to veterans of the Vietnam war and their families for the mistreatment they endured during and after the war; and

(4) expresses urgent support for increased education in our Nation’s schools to better reflect the courage and sacrifice of veterans of the Vietnam war and the lack of support back home.

To show your support of the Resolution and the efforts of College of the Ozarks, visit: 

For additional information, contact Public Relations Director Valorie Coleman at (417) 690-2212.


About College of the Ozarks
College of the Ozarks is a private, Christian, liberal arts college, located in Point Lookout, Missouri, on a 1,000-acre campus. Christian values, hard work, and financial responsibility comprise the fundamental building blocks of the “Hard Work U.” experience. The College earns numerous accolades yearly, including No. 1 Most Innovative School in the Midwest by U.S. News & World Report for 2021 and No. 1 Best Bang for the Buck by Washington Monthly. To achieve its vision, the College pursues academic, vocational, Christian, patriotic, and cultural goals. These goals are mirrored in School of the Ozarks, a laboratory school that completes the K-college model.


The Keeter Center — the College’s award-winning lodge, restaurant, and conference facility — earns TripAdvisor® Traveler’s Choice Awards annually. It features historic lodging, fine dining, and meeting rooms. With more than 350 student workers, it is the largest workstation on campus.


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