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  Meetings are coming up this year that will be in different parts of the State which, hopefully, will make it easier for you attend at least one of them. Our next meeting will be held on March 11 at Jack Stack’s Freight House barbeque restaurant at 101 W. 22nd, KC, MO. Sign in and social time will be from 1130 until noon when the meeting will begin. Lunch will begin at 1230 and will consist of a hot sandwich buffet with beef brisket and pulled pork along with ribs and 3 sides. The price will be $30 per plate and will include coffee, water and gratuity.  


Our speaker will be Bob Huff who was a Huey Crew Chief in Vietnam from 1969 to 1970. As a combat crewmember, he has some interesting stories to tell, but his real story takes place during the 20 years he and his family spent in Vietnam as “missionaries”. Quotes because they were not authorized to be missionaries so, in addition to their underground ministry, they undertook projects that significantly impacted the lives of many people across Vietnam. He will have a PowerPoint presentation to share.  


I’m working on the details for the June meeting, and would like to hear from you regarding ideas for the September meeting. Let me know

if you have an idea for a location and/or a speaker. To be fair geographically, somewhere around Jeff City or Columbia would be appropriate.


Chuck Guy


Upcoming Events

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